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Experiential Learning

Sky Ranch 2018.jpg
Northstar offers a wide range of unique learning experiences that develop the whole student from child through young adult, prepared for success in college and beyond.

All students participate in a rigorous academic curricula, music, language, authentic research, and experiential learning through internships, Science Olympiad, regional and international educational travel.

Sky Ranch Retreat
Every year in September or early October the entire student body goes to Sky Ranch for a three day retreat.  Teams are set up to include all grade levels, so that all students will get to interact with older and younger kids.  Fun outdoor activities build team spirit and camaraderie.  This can include swimming, zip lines, climbing walls, horseback riding, canoes, relay races, nature walks and hikes, and more.  Every year offers different experiences.

“Since we go to Sky Ranch at the beginning of the year, everyone gets to know everyone else right away.  It’s one of the reasons the students have such a close relationship with each other.”
-Ian Bartholomee, Senior (2017)
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