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Northstar Curriculum

Our rigorous curriculum nurtures well rounded students with a
classical liberal arts and science focus
free of high stakes testing.
grade level course schedules are adapted for individual students as needed.



7th English I Honors

8th English II Honors

World Literature Advanced & Honors

British Literature Advanced & Honors

Philosophical Literature Advanced & Honors 


Writing Lab



Pre-Algebra Honors

Algebra I Honors

Geometry Honors

Algebra II Honors

Precalculus Honors

Calculus I Advanced & Honors

Calculus II Advanced & Honors


Fine Arts


Music Theory

Bass Guitar





Middle School Choir

High School Choir

7th Grade Art

8th Grade Art

High School Art/Art History I, II, III, IV

Other Courses

Physical Education

Culinary Arts

Leadership Development

Senior Internship

Exploratory Electives

(Determined by student interests or needs; i.e. computer building, gardening, rock band, crafts, culinary exploration, film, photography, etc.)


7th Life Science Honors

8th Physical Science Honors

9th Physics Advanced & Honors

Biology Advanced & Honors

Chemistry Advanced & Honors

Applied Physics (Scientific Research & Design) I, II, & III

Environmental Science I, II, & III


Senior Science Courses

(Determined by seniors' interests ot needs; i.e. Computer Science, Pathophysiology, Anatomy & Physiology, Engineering, etc.)

History & Social Studies

7th Ancient History Honors

8th Medieval History Honors

World History Advanced & Honors

U.S. History Advanced & Honors

Human Geography Advanced & Honors

Government Advanced & Honors

Economics Advanced & Honors

Humanities/World Religion


Computer Literacy I

Computer Literacy II

Intro to Programming

Intro to Graphic Art

Language Studies

Latin I

Latin II

Survey of Languages I

Survey of Languages II

Foreign Language Year I

Foreign Language Year II

Foreign Language Year IIII

Foreign Language Year IV

Immersion Program

Academic Electives

Determined by the interests and needs of juniors & seniors; i.e. psychology, sociology, pre-law, public health, engineering, etc.)

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