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Fine Arts Programs

At Northstar, all students participate in the fine arts programs through visual arts, choir and music at least once each week. Students who want to enhance their skill and talent can add to the core program with additional courses, electives, private lessons and after school programs.

We believe in the valuable knowledge and skills that experience in the arts offers to all students.  Creativity is invited and enhanced through wide variety of activities and adventures in making music and artworks.  Our students' unique ideas are welcomed and valued. Students learn to interpret images, understand metaphor and develop empathy by observing, discussing, making and sharing art and music.


What would you like to play?

Choose from:








do you like to sing?

Weekly choir classes to learn and show off your singing talents. 

We also have two annual performances where you get to show off your talents to family & friends. 

show choir & theater


do you like to perform?

Show Choir offers opportunities for performance, set design, composition and more!

Our Theater Arts program is available weekly to all students interested performance, set design, screenwriting,  costume design, lighting, and more!

Visual Art


do you like to draw, paint, create?

Visual Arts are supported through weekly classes and after school opportunities for all students. We invite and encourage creativity, experimentation, and the opportunity to learn a wide variety of media and processes in classical and contemporary art making. 

Each year we visit the world-class museums in Dallas and Fort Worth, in addition to the global experiences available.

Elective classes are crafted in response to student interests.  The Architecture Elective used the knowledge from the course to build structures in Minecraft, such as this museum building inspired by the Kimbell's building designed by Renzo Piano!

Drum Sticks

Private music lessons are available on the Northstar campus.

Contact Daniel Taylor for information.

“Where words fail, music speaks.” 
― Hans Christian Andersen

Northstar Production Pic.jpg

Weekly music classes include choir, guitar, percussion, keyboards, fiddle, and voice.   Instrumental and voice training are part of our weekly schedule.  We are ready to add instruments based on student requests: most recently, we added ukulele.

“Creativity takes courage”

- Henri Matisse

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