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Among the many opportunities we provide for our students to gain real-world experience is our rocketry program. Students are taught how the physics and math they have been learning apply to rocketry. But more importantly, they get out of the classroom and learn how to deal with the real-world problems of actually building something. First year students are faced with the goal of lofting a one pound payload to an altitude of one mile. In the second year, they design and build a rocket that will break the speed of sound and travel to altitudes of up to 13,000 feet.


In order to provide these opportunities, we work with SystemsGo, an educational non-profit dedicated to helping students pursue careers in STEM fields (Science Technology Engineering and Math). SystemsGo provides both curriculum support as well as access to the launch facilities student will travel to at the end of the year to test their rockets.

Some of our aspiring rocket scientists were recently featured in an article in the UTA Shorthorn.

Sponsors for SRD Program
Launching rockets is expensive!!
 Thank You to this year's Sponsors!
Northstar Rockets and Teams

Click on the images below to see more about our most recent rockets and the terrific teams that built and launched them. 

Northstar Transonic 2016
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