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Student Council

Northstar student council has earned recognition as a Texas Association of Student Councils (TASC) Sweepstakes Council, the highest honor a TASC council can achieve.  Sweepstakes councils must first earn recognition as an Outstanding Student Council based on documentation of student council organization, specific project areas, participation in TASC programs, and an evaluation by your administrator.  In addition, Sweepstakes Councils must earn recognition in the areas of Pride and Patriotism, Energy and Environment, and Drugs, Alcohol, Safety and Health.  Finally, Sweepstakes councils must submit their accomplishments in School and Community Service.  It takes passion, dedication, purpose, planning, and hard work to achieve this.  As of April 2023, only 233 student councils out of a possible 1,166 member schools in Texas have this recognition for 2022– 2023. 

Allan Saxe Fountain of Kindness

Allan Saxe, long time philanthropist, former professor at UTA, and teacher at Northstar School has Fountain and Garden of Kindness dedicated to him. On the Northstar School campus, Monday, 4/17/23, at 2 pm, a dedication ceremony was held in honor of Dr. Allan Saxe. Not only did Dr. Saxe dedicate time to teaching senior government class at Northstar School, he also donated funds to create the fountain pictured. Along with a committee of former parents and board members, a fountain and surrounding garden was designed to create a sanctuary of kindness. Northstar School thanks Allan Saxe, for his gift and many years of inspiration to the students. And to further honor Dr. Saxe’s legacy and impact, Northstar School will be implementing an annual Allan Saxe Day of Kindness on his birthday, February 11. Each year the students will decide how they want to celebrate and show kindness to each other and our community in a special way on that day.   


Video: by Jacob Guidry



2/23:         Winter Semi-Formal - "Disco Fever" 7-9 PM @ Northstar School
2/24:         History Day @ UTA

3/2:           Science Olympiad @ TCC  // Student Council D3 Spring Conference
3/11-15     SPRING BREAK
3/22:         Flashlight Egg Hunt

4/3:           SAT Exam - Juniors Only
4/5:           Golf Tournament @ Tierra Verde
4/7-4/9:     State StuCo Convention @ Irving
4/17:         ACT/PreACT for 9th, 10th & 11th grades    
4/17-19     7th grade trip to Fossil Rim
4/18:         Prom (10th, 11th, 12th)
4/22-24:    IA Standardized Testing
4/27:         Rocket Launch (all day) @ Jacksboro

5/7-10:      9th/10th Class Trip to Boston
5/8-10       8th Class Trip to Galveston/Houston
5/15-21:    Senior Trip
5/20:          Final Exams - Noon Dismissal
5/21:          Final Exams - Noon Dismissal
5/22:          School Service Day ///Family EOY Party (TBD)
5/23:          Community Service Day /// Awards Ceremony @ 6:30 PM
6/4:            Northstar School Graduation Ceremony/Banquet 5PM

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