Lisa Odom

Executive Director

Leadership Development

I am a passionate educator with over 25 years of classroom experience in many public and private school settings.  In my fifth year at Northstar School, I was fortunate and proud to follow in Mrs. Jane Hunn’s famous footsteps to become the second executive director of Northstar School.  I am a graduate of Arlington High School and attended Texas Tech University earning a degree in education with a reading specialization.  Later, I earned a Master’s Degree in Educational Administration from UTA. 

At Northstar School, it is my goal to provide an environment where students can be themselves and achieve their academic and personal best.  I want to expose them to many different subjects, experiences, and activities, encouraging them to try new things to discover their passions and talents.  Each student should feel completely comfortable to be who they are and follow their own individual paths, while still feeling a part of the student body as a whole.

As a “family,” I begin each morning with a positive message for the entire student body.  I also teach our daily Leadership Development program, and it is one of my favorite experiences at Northstar.   I thoroughly enjoy teaching life skills, leadership skills, study skills, time management, conflict resolution, ethics, etiquette, and team building to the best kids in town who are natural leaders and a joy to work with!

I am married to my high school sweetheart, Scott Odom, and together we have two children, Garrett and Ashley.  I am very passionate about many things in my life, but teaching has always been near the top of my list.  Even though I am the only educator in my family, I have always known I wanted to teach.  I am thankful and honored to be a part of the students’ lives at Northstar School.  I strongly believe that the high expectations in Northstar’s small, nurturing environment are the keys to success and make Northstar a fabulous place to teach and learn. 

Together, with the most talented staff around, it is my sincere hope to make a positive influence on the development of all Northstar students!

Northstar Staff

Kala Batts

Administrative Assistant, Science Olympiad Sponsor, STUCO Sponsor


Tammy Taylor

English Department Head

8-10 English Culinary, Survey of Languages, STUCO Sponsor, Culinary

Becky Finley

7,11/12 English, Foreign Language Program, 7/8 Presentation/Writing Lab, 9 Speech


Cheryl Moddrell

Math Department Head

Calculus I & II, Geometry, Math Team Sponsor


Landon Anderson

Algebra I

Jane Hunn

Director Emeritus

Pre-Algebra,Algebra I

Katherine Lambert

Algebra II, Precalculus

Robin Leming




Celeste Gray

Co-Science Department Head

10/11 Biology, 12 Bionutrition, 10/11 Chemistry, Health

Gary Spaulding

Co-Science Department Head

Life Science, Physical Science, Yacht Club Sponsor

Landon Anderson

Physics I

Jacob Guidry

7-10 Environmental Science, Introduction to Graphic Arts, 11/12 Psychology, 4H

Byron Appelt

Technology Department Head

Applied Physics (SRD I, II, III), Computer Programming, Introduction to Programming, Physics II

James Davis

Astronomy, 7/8 Computer Literacy


Sarah McConnell

Government, Medieval History, World History, Human Geography, NHS Co- Sponsor

Jane Hunn

Director Emeritus

Ancient History, Latin, Yearbook

Fine Arts

Daniel Taylor

Fine Arts Department Head


Landon Anderson

Ukulele, Music Theory

Becky Finley


Jeh Horton

Bass Guitar, Guitar I&II

Felicity Mazur-Park


Simone Horton

Choir, Show Choir, Keyboard, Drama

Celeste Gray

7-12 Art

Lucy Bartholomee

Art Electives, International Travel


Ashley Wickes

Athletics Department Head

PE, Volleyball Coach, Senior Sponsor

Michael Battenfield

Equestrian Coach

Jacob Guidry

Tennis Coach

Regan Wickes

Golf Coach

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