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Northstar Earns Global Citizenship Award


The Global Citizenship award honors schools selected by AFS-USA and the National Society of High School Scholars. 

This award recognizes these schools’ exceptional dedication to fostering global citizenship through intercultural learning—both inside and outside of the classroom. From hosting international students, to encouraging American students to study abroad, to incorporating intercultural learning initiatives into their curriculum, these institutions have demonstrated a strong commitment to developing students’ global competency.

Our Next Adventure:


Cruise with us down the Nile 

Explore pyramids and temples + unique cultural activities!

June 6-15, 2025

Learn more and register on our Trip Webpage!

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Northstar's Global Initiative:

Fostering a global perspective

We offer annual opportunities to travel to different continents and regions each year.

Families are welcome to join us on these educational adventures, and we provide supervision for students traveling independently.

Egypt & Nile Cruise 2025

Ireland & Scotland 2024

Ecuador & Galapagos Islands 2023

Iceland 2022

Italy 2021

Australia 2020

Japan 2018

Greece 2016

England 2014

France 2012

Italy 2010

Many visits to our sister city in Germany

+ language immersion trips for the juniors!



The National Association of High School Scholars assessment:

"Northstar School is dedicated to developing global awareness and citizenship through a unique, specialized curriculum and a strong emphasis on experiential learning.  Students take courses in World History, Human Geography, Leadership Development, and Environmental Science to learn about cultural diversity and conflict resolution, as well as the impact of humans on the environment. 


The school’s weekly guest speaker program brings people from around the world to discuss contemporary global issues. 


Northstar students have the opportunity to travel abroad as well as welcome international students into their community." 


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