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Experiential Learning Through Educational Events

Dallas World Aquarium

Environmental science students travelled to the aquarium to learn how different ecosystems support a variety of organisms both in and out of the water.


UTA Library

Students travel to the University of Texas at Arlington library to learn about primary sources and do some research for their History Day project.


8th grade trip to NASA

Students in 8th grade spend a few days down in Houston/Galveston to visit the plethora of interesting museums and go to NASA.  


Sky Ranch trip

Every year students head to Sky Ranch to do problem solving, team building, and leadership developing activities. They also have a ton of fun!


Physical Science

Students are given ample time to develop and test hypotheses using practical experiments and using the resources and space around our school.


Dallas Holocaust Musuem

Students read and analyzed The Diary of Anne Franke in English class, followed by a visit to the Holocaust Museum to consider further the impact of this historic tragedy.  


Dallas Museum of Art

Students visited the Dallas Museum of Art for a guided tour of the Islamic Art exhibition and also explore the extensive collection in the art galleries. Here, they also enjoyed recreating famous scenes from a 


Visit to restaurant India Grill

Students were reading the book "The Life of Pi" and finished off their study with a trip to the India Grill to experience culture through food.


Bass Hall performances

Students enjoy traveling to local sights to enjoy theatre, music, and anything else that happens to be showing. This year students were treated to a modern rendition of Romeo and Juliet.


Environmental Science

Students often take trips into the woods behind the school to gather specimens and learn about the environment. 

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