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Congratulations Navigators! 
1st Place looks good on you! 

What do you want to play?


At Northstar, we build our athletics program around the talents and interests of our students.  Everyone is welcome to participate in any or all of our extra curricular programs.

Extra-curricular athletics include:


Archery, Basketball, Cross Country/Track, Equestrian, Golf, Swimming, Tennis, & Volleyball. Each of these programs were initiated because of the interests and talents of our students. 


Family and staff support the growth of these programs, providing an amazing range of opportunities for all students.

PE Classes

We have partnered with the local YMCA to provide students with a physical education program that is second to none.  Our students use the diverse facilities at the YMCA three/four days a week, with full support of the YMCA staff and our PE Teachers.

Swimming, basketball, volleyball, tennis, strength conditioning, and many other sports are offered as part of the P.E. curriculum.


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