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Northstar School was created by a small group of parents dedicated to providing a unique, robust, state of the art educational environment.  We opened our doors in 2006, and graduated the first senior class in 2011. Those first students along with family and friends turned a home into a school. Rooms were altered to create new classrooms. The outdoor space was adapted to include gardens for the students, an outdoor kitchen for the culinary classes, as well as facilities for a robust 4H program.


From the beginning Northstar delivered the time tested combination of excellence in classroom education with real world application opportunities. Subject matter experts along with creative and outstanding educators have been sought out to develop and deliver this blended curriculum.


The home-like environment is consistent with the family approach to your child’s education. Northstar embraces each student and their family and welcomes them. The success of every student is individually valued by  each member of the faculty and board of directors. Our success is accomplished through the customization of an education curriculum for each student. Routine review of curriculum and individual needs has been and will continue to be an essential element for your student’s education plan.

Northstar’s history is rich with success and memories.

Our Story
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